Steel constructions

Production of steel structures in the company VARIAKOV a.s. has a 50 year history with the production over one million tons of steel structures of various kinds, which indicates the years of experience and expertise in this type of production.

The company has currently a production capacity from 100 to 180 tons per month, depending on the type of construction.

The production is in compliance with EN 1090-2 up to class EXC 3. Welders are qualified according to EN 287-1 and welding procedures prepared pursuant to EN ISO 15614-1 .

Our products:

  • Technological steel structures – e.g. conveyors, tunnel technology, supporting structures for plants and power stations, filtration equipment, specific components of technological equipment (e.g. for sewage treatment, combustion chambers, etc.)
  • Steel structures for production and storage halls, including crane rails for all industries
  • Steel structures for building – a wide range of atypical modules structures
  • Bridge constructions
  • Lightweight steel structures – facade systems, platforms, railings, type buildings, advertising posters
  • Structures for transport and storage – tractor trailer trucks, tanks and silos, containers, storage pallets
  • Ducts
  • Hoppers
  • Silos

Our surface finishing:

  • Blasting by steel grit with the end surface SA 2.5
  • Coating systems applied by high and low pressure spray
  • Hot galvanizing via outsourcing

Space allowances:

  • Max. weight of the component is approximately 33 tons, dimensions of the components are 30x4.5x4.5 meters
  • Lifting height under the bridge crane 8 m