About the Company

Variakov a.s.

Variakov a.s., was established in 1990 for processing rejects sheet of VSŽ a.s production. Košice ( currently U.S.Steel s.r.o.).

Since 1990, the company expanded its services in the processing of high-grade steel material, high quality using the latest technology for cutting and bending available on the market.

In 2004, VARIAKOV a.s. became the parent company of a producer with a long tradition, which for more than 40 years produced nearly 1 million tons of steel structures with export to all over the world. Then the subsidiary overcomes the change and stabilization in view of the rapidly changing market conditions. In 2013, the process of change finally completed and VARIAKOV a.s. assumed the continuation of long-standing tradition of steel structures, leading to the creation of the current profile.

VARIAKOV a.s. is focused on the production and cutting services, metal forming and custom manufacturing of steel structures of various kinds, including surface finishing. The company has developed in detail and certified processes that guarantee professional care in the production and project management for all areas of its products and services. 62 professionally specialized staff, quality of technology, size and location of company building (next to the rolling mills of U.S. Steel Košice) make the company VARIAKOV a.s. the perfect partner for all companies that need a dynamic and high quality supplier of eastern Slovakia.

Organisation strategy of VARIAKOV a.s. shows clear intention to provide quality products with the intention to fulfil requirements of customers.

Integrated policy of the company
Integrated policy of the company

  • Constantly improve the quality of our products and customer service
  • Increase the productivity of all processes
  • Develop cooperation with suppliers
  • Protect the environment and improve the conditions of workers in terms of safety and health at work
  • Develop human potential
  • Improve the quality management system